The Mad Mare Bar is decorated like the old Patagonian pulperías, being a perfect place to have an aperitif before lunch or dinner. Among the recommended drinks are the renowned Potro Sour with a touch of mate, the Más Gallo with a mild spicy and different cocktails with or without alcohol. To accompany them with our unmissable "Tabla La Yegua Loca" and "Magellan Tapas", prepared with regional meats and seafood.

The Pulperías were the old warehouses where at the beginning of the colonization in Punta Arenas and in the region of Magallanes could be found all type of products for the sale, besides having a sector type cafeteria-bar.

La Yegua Loca rescues the concept of the old Pulperías with original elements and with a concept of shop where you can buy typical articles of the field, handicrafts made by artisans of the area as well as regional gourmet products, books and souvenirs of Patagonia.