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The Soguero (The Braider)

Max Guests 2

This is still a very important job, one of the greatest prides of the country people is to have beautiful ties, reins and well-crafted leather garments, were the combination with various metals and several techniques such as fabrics, braids, seams, carved or embossed.

Here comes the Soguero, also called guasquero in other regions, who elaborated all the leather used on farms to work with the horse. There was more than a couple of rustic tools made by him and equine or bovine leather, along with patience and dedication to his craft. So now known and exhibited in museums, priceless items such as knives, harrows, belts and tools for the horse.
A 15 mt2 room with panoramic views and outdoor balcony where the furniture is handcrafted mixing techniques such as twisted and embossed thongs.

  • Central Heating
  • WIFI
  • Phone
  • Desk
  • Luggage rack
  • Safe
  • Private bathroom
  • Hair Dryer